Black Friday Haul 2016

Hello friends! True story: I have worked every single Black Friday since I was 19. So when my salon owners told me that I not only had Thanksgiving Day off, but the whole weekend as well, I was pretty dang excited. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one to camp out at Best Buy … Continue reading Black Friday Haul 2016

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul + Review!

Guys. It's September, and that means one thing. IT'S OFFICIALLY FALL. Ok, technically fall doesn't start until the 22nd of September, but we round down in my household. Naturally being the basic blonde that I am, I had to head over to Bath & Body Works and grab some of their fall candles. Honestly, they've out done themselves … Continue reading Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul + Review!