14 Christmas Decor Ideas Under £25

Hello my little snowpeople!

One of the best things about the holidays is decorating your house and surroundings. I always feel like it doesn’t seem like Christmas (or whatever you personally celebrate) if the house isn’t done up. Now, maybe you’ve already decorated, but I always think there’s room for more. So I’m sharing 14 decor ideas, that won’t break the bank. All of them cost under £25, and range from subtle cheer to all out bonanza!

Wall Art

The easiest way to decorate is to get some cute wall art up around the house. You can find some really affordable prints, in various sizes on RedBubble or Etsy. Whether you decide to frame it or not, the Christmas vibes will be all around! Full disclosure: The above print is one I created, so if you like it and buy it, I do profit from it.

Cookie Jar or Biscuit Tin

Let’s all be honest here and admit that the holidays mean cookies and baking. Why not add a sweet touch to the kitchen, and give yourself somewhere to put those delicious morsels? I love the above cookie jar, and it’s only £9!!

Lit Glass Cloche

Not going to lie, I absolutely love a cloche. They look so sweet and rustic, and give me all kinds of cosy vibes. I love the simplicity of this one, and I think it would look great on a mantle, or perhaps a side table. And there’s just something so special about fairy lights, they really make it seem magical.

Festive Bedset

Feel festive right up to falling asleep, and switch your bedsheets! This is a win-win because fresh bedsheets are the best feeling ever, and I love a good festive duvet. We personally own the above version, and love it. However, HomeBargains have a great range, as do Primark!

Throw Pillows

Whether you station them on your bed, sofa, or armchair, cushions can always bring furniture to life. Unfortunately cushions or throw pillows tend to be really expensive for some unknown reason. I think it’s so clever to use pillows you already have, and just pick up some cushion covers. They are so much cheaper than buying a full pillow. It also takes up less space when the sad day to un-decorate comes.

Glittery Creatures

I love glitter and animals, and I think it’s a great way to keep your decor non-denominational or holiday specific. The glitter gives those great festive vibes, and the animals are just cute, aren’t they? Grab a few and some tinsel or fake snow and you’ve got yourself a sweet little scene.

Personalized Decor

Add a charming and unique touch, and get some personalized decor. The great thing is that you can have it for families, room-mates or just yourself! I always think it seems a little more special when you know nobody else has the same one you do.


How adorable are these little guys? I think bunting is such a sweet way to decorate your home for any occasion, and the festive season brings out some really lovely versions. You could go for one that spells out a phrase, or one like this. It’s so adorable, I absolutely love it!

Snow Globes

When I was little, we had some family friends that would get me a Christmas snow globe every year, so they really have a special place in my heart. It’s so lovely to turn them and watch as the snow flutters, it is almost soothing. Whether you go for a snowman or anything else, you’re sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


Share your holiday love with the neighbourhood and place a lovely wreath on your front door! You could even decorate the inside of your house with a few. For an even more budget friendly option-buy a plain wreath and decorate it yourself with garland and ornaments!

Simple Touches

I always feel like it’s always the little touches that are overlooked for decoration. They just help tie the whole thing together. Go for some cute tea towels, make sure your place mats are festive, maybe do some window clings! It’s the little things in life, they say!

Nutcracker Troop

Christmas at my mum’s house was always announced when the nutcrackers made their grand entrance. Seriously, she has quite the collection. But d’you know what? I absolutely love them. They are so cute, and sometimes functional-they are a great addition to any house, in my opinion.


Why not go all out and show your holiday spirit to your neighbours and beyond? I always thought these kinds of things were super duper expensive, but this one is way under budged, at £12.99! There are so many options as well, from candy canes, to Santas, but my favourite has to be the snowflakes!

There you have it my loves! Let me know in the comments below how you decorate your house, if you have themes, etc etc.

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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