The Ultimate Winter Bucket List for Couples

Hello little snowflakes!

Winter is the coldest season, which makes it the cosiest. And what is more cosy than going on a super sweet date. I love winter dates, because it’s cold and crisp out side, the lights are all so beautiful, everything feels so festive and warm. Break out the mistletoe, because these date ideas are going to get you in the mood for some holiday romance.

(As with my autumn date ideas, all of these ideas, if you’re single, most of these ideas could be adapted for a friend date!)

  • Explore a Christmas market together. Christmas markets are just the cutest, aren’t they? You can do a bit of shopping, or just enjoy the festive drinks and treats!
  • Go ice skating. This is always a lovely idea for winter dates, it feels so festive and it’s active. If you don’t have a natural frozen water source, you could always find a local ice skating rink to go to. They usually have gear and skates to rent.
  • Have a gingerbread house decorating contest. This is very much in the festive spirit and it also encourages some healthy competition. Just grab two of those decorating kits and go to town!
  • Do some holiday window shopping. You don’t have to spend any money on your shopping trip. Just enjoy the adorable window displays, and general festive feeling. Pay attention though, because they might just drop hints on what they’re wishing for this year!
  • Drive through a lights display. This used to be my favourite holiday tradition as a kid. The lights look so magical at night, and it really feels like another world.
  • Visit a local brewery. I love this idea, it’s like the better version of ‘let’s meet for drinks.’ Go to your local brewery and try their recommended beer flight! Beer not your thing? Try a wine bar or spirit distillery. Just be safe, and make sure neither of you are driving!
  • Try out a winter sport. I’ve personally always wanted to try snowboarding or skiing, but locations to do so in Florida were pretty scarce. If you’re lucky enough to live near somewhere to try it out, it could be fun way to find a new hobby. Even if you don’t have a mountain near-by, some recreational centres have faux snow hills you can test your skills on.
  • Be spectators. If you’re a fan of winter sports, like ice hockey, grab some tickets to a local game and cheer for the home team! Sports games are always full of energy, so it’ll be fun date even if you don’t care much about who wins.
  • Book a cosy AirBnB. Even if you only go away for a night or two, there’s something about being away from home that’s just so refreshing. I’d personally go for a cabin of some sort, but do what calls to you!
  • Have a snowball fight. Get your hearts pumping and have an impromptu snowball fight! Granted, you’ll have to live in a place that snows for this, but I think it’s such a cute idea!
  • Decorate holiday cookies. Baking together and then decorating them is such a nice way to spend time together. The fun part is you then get to eat the goodies!
  • Have a holiday movie marathon. The great things is that this date idea is cosy, entertaining, and relatively low-cost. There are loads of holiday film options on Netflix and Amazon, so mix up a hot drink and get your binge on.
  • Host a game night. Board games are always heaps of fun, so why not host some friends and have a friendly competitive night. Whether it’s card games or Monopoly, it’s sure to be a grand time.
  • Volunteer together. They say ’tis the season for giving, so give back to the local community. Whether you volunteer at a soup kitchen or a local animal shelter, it’s a great way to spend time together and do something for someone else.
  • Go to a Christmas tree farm. Make a date out of finding the perfect tree. Even if you don’t use a real one, it can be fun to wander around looking at all the trees, enjoying a hot chocolate, feeling the holiday vibes.
  • Attend a holiday show. Go to the local theatre and see a production of the Nutcracker or something similarly Christmassy. It’s a great evening event to go to, and you’ll be feeling so cultured afterwards.
  • Have some wine and wrap gifts together. Turn something that’s mundane and honestly kind of a chore, and have fun with it. Pour some wine, put on some tunes, and really go all out with the gift wrapping.
  • Decorate your house together. If you live together, what better way to spend time together than really getting in the holiday spirit with decorations? Put up your tree, hang the stockings, get really into it! Your house will look and feel super festive.
  • Host or attend a holiday party together. Holiday socializing can be the worst, but make it better by going together. Or better yet, host your own party so you can control the masses.
  • Attend a tree lighting ceremony. I love a giant Christmas tree, and there’s nothing more festive than watching one get lit in a town square. Make a date of it while you enjoy the sights and sounds!

I hope you get some inspiration from these ideas, and have loads of fun this season! Whether you go with a partner or spouse, or just make them into friend dates, I know you’ll have a great time. If you try any of these ideas, share them with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! What are your best holiday date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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