Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Hello my friends!

Doesn’t it seem like the men in your life are always the hardest to buy for? I always seem to struggle to figure out what to get the guys in my family for Christmas. Let me just tell you, this gift guide was an uphill battle to write. In any case, I managed to find some really great ideas of what your man might want to receive this year. Most of these can be applied to your partner, your dad, your brother, whatever. As with all my gift guides, I’ve linked specific items, but you can always just take inspiration and find your own version. Happy shopping!


I feel like a good cologne is always a good shout as a gift for men. They always need it, and a luxury aftershave is something lovely that they might not buy for themselves. The Burberry version above is my favourite for men, but I’m also a fan of Bleu de Chanel, Gucci Guilty Black, and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. But if that’s not in your budget, the David Beckham range is great and not too pricey. Even Primark do some nice fragrances for under £10!


Quality shoes are such a nice thing to give for the holidays. If your guy is into fitness, a new pair of good trainers are fantastic. If he’s a fashion forward guy-why not a new pair of fancy brogues? Even if he’s after a new pair of casual shoes, they can be a great gift for him.

Hobby Accessories

Is your dad super into grilling? Maybe your boyfriend really enjoys cars. Whatever they’re into, getting some accessory kits to go along with that hobby is a really thoughtful gift to give. Amazon is a great place to get sets of specific gear of all sorts. Even if they are just starting out with something, say photography, getting an accessory kit for them is a really great way to show support for their hobby.

Fitness Tracker

Whether the recipient is a fitness fiend or just starting out, a fitness tracker is such a useful tool. There are all sorts, so don’t feel pressured to get the most expensive one. I personally own one that cost me about £15, and it does lots of things, including bringing up my texts and letting me know when someone is ringing me. If you want to go fancy, FitBits are amazing-some of the older versions are pretty great and not as expensive. In any case, it’s a great way for someone to keep themselves on track with fitness, and it’s useful for many other things as well!

Pop Vinyls

Admittedly, when I first saw these, I thought they were super weird and just didn’t get the appeal. But I have it on good authority that these little guys are a piece of pop-culture merch that boys are actually into. The great thing is, they do almost every franchise/famous person you can think of. And for about a tenner-they won’t break the bank. To be fair, this is probably going to be best for a younger crowd, but it’s a great idea for your little brother or nephew!


A great pair of sunglasses can make a huge different, especially if you live somewhere sunny, or if he works outside a lot. It’s not something we always think of, but it’s really important to protect your eyes from the sun. Also, sunglasses aren’t something guys tend to buy for themselves, and that’s why they make the perfect gift. I recommend getting a pair of UV filtered, lightweight glasses. You can even get them with a prescription if he needs it!


A nice watch is a fantastic gift for a guy. This is one of those things that you can give your boyfriend, your brother, your dad. There are tons of options out there, but if you don’t know what his style is, a classes two-toned gold/silver version is always a good shout. This is also one of those gifts that you can go really fancy and expensive with, but there are also plenty of affordable options out there.

Tech Gifts

Many guys are super into tech, so why not treat them to the latest gadget? From Amazon Echo Dots to Google Homes, tech gifts are fun accessories that are not only fun, but functional. If they’re not into that kind of tech, what about noise cancelling headphones or a new gadget for their car? Maybe something to do with gaming, if they’re into that! Whatever you go for, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Personalized Accessories

There’s something special about getting a personalized gift for someone. A wallet is a great way to go. Perhaps get his initials embossed on it, or there are some options on Etsy that will let you add a message or even a photo. If he already has a wallet he’s keen on, personalized cufflinks or a tie bar or something like that will do the trick!

Beer Stein

Know a guy who loves his beer? What better gift than a fancy stein to drink it out of? There are so many cool options out there, from traditional German designs to official licensed products. If he prefers spirits to beer, there’s tons of options for whisky stones or gin glasses. If he doesn’t drink at all, an awesome cool mug or glass that’s themed is a great idea!

There you have it my loves! I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas for the men in your life. I know they can be hard to buy for, but hopefully this has inspired you, in the very least. Let me know your best man-gift recommendations, or what you’re planning to buy for your guys this year!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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