Holiday Gift Guide On a Budget

Hello my little turtle doves!

Holiday shopping has commenced, and can I just say-things are so expensive nowadays! It seems like the the price of things just keeps getting higher and higher. It can be hard to think of nice, thoughtful gifts when you’re on a budget, and that’s where I come in to help. Here’s some great ideas for everyone on your list, that won’t break the bank.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll add some links to particular items I’ve found, but they are fairly generic, so even if you’re not in the UK, you’re sure to be able to find similar items anywhere.


I always love a good candle for some one that I don’t know particularly well, but want to give something nice to. I tend to stick to either seasonal or clean scents, because they are the most universal. Now, I know candles can get pretty expensive, but there are some great options out there for great prices. My trick? Check out discount shops like TKMaxx, HomeBargans, B&M, HomeSense, etc. You can find really posh, lux candles for less! Even Primark has gorgeous candles, for outrageously low prices.


Whether someone is a tea drinker, coffee fiend, or enjoys the occasional hot chocolate-chances are they’re gonna drink it out of a mug. I absolutely love giving/receiving mugs. Find one with something they love on, or just get one with a cute saying. Fill it with chocolates, and you’ve got yourself a really simple, but really great gift!

Cold Weather Accessories

The temperatures are dropping, and who do you know that doesn’t like to wrap up when it’s chilly outside? A coordinated cold weather accessory bundle is a great option, but doesn’t have to cost a lot! Go for neutral colours that will match any outfit, and you’re sorted.


Photo by John Weinhardt on Unsplash

Admittedly, this is a gift for someone you know pretty well, because book preferences are so personal. But for someone who is an avid reader, a book is a fantastic gift to give. Whether it’s a new release or a cool edition of their all-time favourite, books are a decently cheap, wonderful option. Not sure what to get? Amazon breaks it down by genre, so that’s a step in the right direction!


As a self-diagnose chocoholic, I love getting chocolates around the holidays. It’s also a lovely gift for someone you’re not particularly close with. Feeling like it’s a cop-out? Go for something that’s a bit different, not your standard selection. Know someone who doesn’t like chocolate? Go for shortbread or some other kind of biscuit.


If I could tell you guys how much I love cosy pyjamas, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t. Let’s leave it at this: I am 100% always happy to get pjs for Christmas. Even if you go for a super simple set, I think it’s such a nice thing to get as a gift. Primark in particular has the best pjs, and they do all sorts; fleecy, silky, nightshirts, vests & shorts, etc, etc. And they are so cheap, but really good quality and so comfy.

Cosy Set

Keeping on with the cosy theme, this gift set from B&M is such a cute idea. In it you get a hot water bottle, a cute mug, and hot chocolate drink mix. In my opinion, you can never have enough hot water bottles, and this one is just so cute. I love the idea of this for a cosy night in. If this isn’t quite right for the person you’re buying for, you could always take it as inspiration and make up your own set!


Okay, last cosy item, I promise. Slippers are always a good option for the holidays. It’s cold, and nothing is worse than a freezing cold floor in the morning. This is a great option because depending on your budget, you can go for really lux ones, but on the other hand there are loads of really affordable options. Primark has some absolutely gorgeous options, but if you want fancier (but still bargain priced) alternatives, TKMaxx do really great ones as well. Toasty toes are always a yes from me, so this is such a great gift to give.


If you’re really stuck for ideas, drinks are always a go-to option. Stores like Aldi, B&M, HomeBargains, etc etc have fab little sets you can get, in whatever spirit you like. Some even come with nice little glasses, so there’s something they can actually keep. Your person not a drinker? There are loads of coffee, hot chocolate and tea sets you can get. There’s even syrups and toppers you can add to drinks. These are the kinds of things people probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would be happy to receive.

Baked Goods

If all else fails, and your budget is super tight-a great gift to give someone is some holiday baked goods. This time of year, you’re probably going to be baking any way, so increase the recipe to match the number of gifts you need to give. This is also a great option for groups of people, such as co-workers, church friends, neighbours, etc etc. It won’t cost much extra, and the home-made effort makes the gift extra special.

There you have it, friends! I know this season can be financially stressful for a lot of people, so I hope this has given you some inspiration of ways to check off everyone on your list without bankrupting yourself. Let me know in the comments below what your best ideas for affordable gifts are, or money saving holiday hacks!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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