10 Scary Movies to Get You Ready for Halloween

Hello my little ghosties!

I am an absolute spooky season fanatic. I’ve mentioned before that I love true crime, murder mysteries, and all things spooky. I also really love scary movies! I know they’re not for everyone, but I love the adrenaline rush of watching a good scary film. As it’s creeping closer & closer to Halloween, I’m sharing with you ten movies I recommend to get you in the spooky szn mood.

Silence of the Lambs

Hello, Clarice. Who knew that two words could send chills down your spine so effectively?! Silence of the Lambs follows Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster), a top student at FBI’s Quantico, as she tries to glean insight on a current case from a violent psychopathic psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter. Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins) is in prison for life after committing various crimes, including murder and cannibalism. It’s thrilling, it’s scary, and it’s simply one of the greats. Foster and Hopkins’ performances are legendary, and there’s a reason this film is one of the most recognised horror films.


I first saw the original as a kid, and I was honestly scarred for life. That’s coming from someone who loves horror films. I haven’t seen the new version, but it’s meant to be absolutely fantastic. Basically the story follows seven young outcasts in Derry, Maine who come up against an ancient, shape-shifting evil who emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s kids. The children have to band together to battle the bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise. This film is the reason I can’t do clowns-but if you’re up for a real scare it’s a good one. Whether you opt for the original or the revamp, you’re sure to feel the terror.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Okay, don’t judge me here, but I love a good exorcism movie. They always have crazy special effects, and really just get the heart pumping. My favourite is The Exorcism of Emily Rose, because it’s kind of a twist on a classic idea. It follows the prosecution of Rev. Moore (Tom Wilkinson), who is accused of the wrongful death of Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter). Prosecuting attorney Ethan Thomas (Campbell Scott) contends that Emily was not possessed, but schizophrenic and could have been medically diagnosed. The defence claims that her condition cannot be explained by science. Who’s right, and who’s wrong, and is there more to the story?


This is now a franchise that has slowly gone downhill, but the original is truly creepy and one of my favourites. It’s got everything- haunted house, possessed little kid, dreamscapes-it’s amazing. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne portray two parents who take drastic measures when their new home turns out to be seemingly haunted, and their comatose son is possessed by an evil entity. The music will haunt your soul, and it will definitely get you in the spooky feels.

The Birds

If you’re not that into horror or gore-this one might be for you. A cult classic by Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds follows Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner’s budding romance. One day, a huge assault starts on the town by attacking birds. If you don’t mind watching a good oldie, it’s a perfect choice. Though the film was made in the 60’s it remains as scary as it was back then.

When A Stranger Calls

A truly terrifying film, When a Stranger Calls is one that haunts me to this day. A young girl, played by Camilla Bell, arrives at a super lush home for a babysitting job. After the kids are asleep, she settles in for a normal night, but that is soon disrupted. Soon, the phone starts ringing and the terrifying words of a sadistic caller turn the night into true horror. This film ruined babysitting for me, but if you love a true scare, this is the one for you.

The Orphan

You guys, this one is a doozy. After a devastating loss, parents Kate and John decide to adopt a child. They are drawn to a young girl named Esther, and they soon take her home. But when a series of strange and sinister events unfold, Kate begins to suspect there is something dark underneath Esther’s angelic exterior. Full of twists and turns, this one is a real roller coaster, and will leave you questioning everything.


This one’s for my true-crime lovers. Based on real events, the film is set in San Francisco, in the 1960-70s and follows the case of the Zodiac Killer. Investigators and reporters become obsessed with finding the killer, and bringing him to justice. Meanwhile the Zodiac claims victim after victim, and taunts the authorities with cryptic messages and cyphers. Because this is a true story, it will really keep you up at night.

The Shining

Another classic, The Shining is about a writer named Jack Torrence (played by the amazing Jack Nicholson), who looks for a cure for his writer’s block at the Overlook Hotel, in Colorado. He is joined by his wife, Wendy and young son, Danny, who is plagued with psychic premonitions. As Danny’s visions get worse, Jack begins to uncover the hotel’s dark secrets, and starts to unravel. A truly disturbing film, The Shining goes down as one of the best horror movies out there.


You can’t really have a horror movie list without including Saw, can you? They’re not for the faint of heart, by any means. They’re scary, bloody, and truly gruesome. But, if you can stomach it, they have amazing twists and shocking endings. Saw I and V are my favourites, but they are all pretty good. If you’re into gore and horror, you won’t be disappointed with these.

And there you have it! This time of year is perfect for these truly spooky films, so I hope you find one that strikes your fancy. Cuddle up with a nice cup of tea, burrow under some blankets, and try to keep your eyes open. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen any of these, and what your favourite scary film is!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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