Testing Primark Makeup

Hello my friends!

As I’ve mentioned before, Primark is my absolute favourite place to shop. It’s almost a running joke in my family how hard it is for me to leave a Primark empty-handed. The prices are unbeatable, and the quality is surprisingly good for how cheap everything is. What could be better?

Recently I made a few trips to different Primarks in my area, and I came away with some great finds, including some makeup. Now, I’ve never tried any Primark makeup, but I thought, what am I waiting for? So today, I’m showing you what I got, and how it performed for me.

PS Perfect Colour Double Coverage Matte Foundation

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this foundation. I just thought, “How good can it be if it only costs £5?” Honestly, it’s one of the better high street foundations I’ve tried in awhile. It looks smooth on the skin,and it’s very, very comfortable to wear. Now, judging by the name, I’d think it was really full coverage- it was more of a medium. However, it does build up really well, so you can achieve an almost full coverage finish. Concealers and powders layer beautifully on top, as well. The finish isn’t full matte, which was great for my dry skin, but even if you have oily skin, I think it would work for you. Overall, I’m very very impressed and will definitely be repurchasing!

PS Bronze Glow Matte Bronzer

I struggled to find this bronzer. It seemed like every one I picked up was a shimmer bronzer or was hella dark. I finally found this one, which was a matte formula, in the shade Fearless. It applied evenly, and it is extremely pigmented. Seriously, use a light hand, a little goes a long way. I tend to prefer bronzers that aren’t as pigmented, so I can build them up, but if you know how to use it, it’s fine. For me, it is a bit too red-toned, but it’s still useable. For only £2, you really can’t beat it.

PS Ultra Glow Highlighter

You guys, THIS HIGHLIGHTER. Listen, if you are looking for a beaming, super bright highlighter, you need to get yourself to Primark. I went for the shade Brunch Club, which is a beautiful silvery champagne shade. It applies really nicely, and gives the most gorgeous glow. It did leave the slightest cast, but dabbing over it with a damp beauty sponge fixed that for me. I’m definitely going to check out more shades, and for £3, you could buy them all!

PS Brow Pencil with Sharpener

I literally ran out of my eyebrow pencil the day I went shopping, so it was perfect timing, really. I was honestly going to go for the Brow Sketch, which looked more my speed. Alas, they only had Blonde, so I went for the regular brow pencil. The pencil is nice, but it’s not my favourite, if I’m honest. It’s a bit too emollient for me. It’s a bit difficult to get soft, hair like strokes, which results in a stronger brow than I’m currently into. It’s definitely cool that the pencils come with a built-in sharpener, and it is very pigmented. The pencil retails for just £1.

PS Glow Setting Spray

I wasn’t sure whether to go for the Matte or Glow setting spray, because sometimes high street “glow” sprays are full of glitter. But as I’m a dry skin girl (I know, I repeat this all the time), I risked it and went for the glow. The formula is infused with Vitamin B, Illuminating Pearls, and Aloe Vera. I actually really like it. I use it after powdering, and again when I’ve finished my makeup routine. It helps keep my makeup in place and melts everything together for a seamless finish. It does have a light shimmer effect, but it isn’t noticeable or glittery at all. Also, it smells so nice. The spray retails for £4, and I would definitely repurchase.

PS Cool As A Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes

Okay, strictly speaking, this isn’t makeup but it was a beauty bit I bought, so I’m including it. Basically, these are just facial cleansing wipes, but honestly- they are the best. I discovered them the first time I ever went to England, back in 2014, and I’m so glad they’re back in my life. They do a great job of removing makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped or raw. I only need one wipe to take off a full face of makeup. Also, they smell so so so freaking good! If you’re sensitive to fragrance, you might not like these, but they do all sorts with and without! And for two packs for £1, the price is as low as it gets.

Can you believe all of these goodies only came to £16?! Honestly, I was sceptical about Primark makeup before this, but I am definitely a convert! Most of it was just as good as any other high street brand, for less than half the price. Have you ever tried any makeup from Primark? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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