Autumn Date Ideas that Won’t Break The Bank

Hello lovelies!

There is something about autumn that screams romantic vibes. Whether it’s the cooler air, the warmer clothes or the smell of pumpkin spice, everything seems cosier in the fall. Look, I know Valentines Day is in February, and the mistletoe doesn’t make an appearance until December, but go with me here; autumn is super romantic. I’m making my case here with some fun ideas of autumn date nights to get those sparks going.

(Side note: OK, OK, I opened strong with the love vibes, but if you’re single and/or your SO isn’t into these ideas, you could definitely modify them to friend dates. There are no rules, and I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life.)

  • Go to on a walk/hike– nature is gorgeous this time of year, and there’s nothing better than the sound of leaves crunching under boots. Plus, it’s good for the ‘gram.
  • Go apple picking– this turns into a double date, because when you get home you can make all sorts of things with those apples…cider, pie, apple chips, apple butter, the world’s your…apple.
  • Build a fire & make s’mores– you can do this outside if you’re able, or just use your fireplace. There’s no wrong way to make a s’more, imho.
  • Tell ghost stories– turn the lights out, grab a torch (that’s flashlight for American readers), and tell your spookiest stories. First one to scream’s a pumpkin!
  • Go to a zoo/animal reserve– people tend to do this in the summer, but it’s actually better in the autumn. The cooler weather generally means the animals will be out and more active.
  • Explore local coffee shops– taste all the pumpkin spice lattes! If that’s not your thing, they usually will have other autumnal flavours available.
  • Take a haunted house tour– hold on to each other while you try to brave your way through a spooky abode. Whether it’s a real, historic ghostly house or not, it’ll get your hearts racing just the same.
  • Make caramel/candy apples– take those leftover apples from your picking date, cover them in sugary goodness and enjoy.
  • Go beer/cider tasting– there are so many autumnal flavours of beer/cider these days, so go to a local brewery, or grab some at the local grocer and try them out! If you’re not beer/cider people-try wine tasting!
  • Have a sweater weather picnic– pack up your lunch, bring some bubbly if it suits you, bring a gingham blanket, and have a picnic in a local park amongst the leaves. Extra points if you have it out of a wicker basket!
  • Host a fall festival– even if you don’t have a lot of land for hay rides or corn mazes, you can still cover the basics. Bob for apples, have a fire, offer autumn treats, carve some pumpkins, maybe have a costume contest!
  • Take a weekend getaway– book a B&B in the Lake or Peak Districts, or take a trip to the city, whatever you like. Getting away can be a chance for you to reconnect and recharge.
  • Have a scary movie night– cosy up under some blankets, make some hot chocolate, and comfort each other through the scariest parts!
  • Go to a pumpkin patch– is there anything more autumnal than a pumpkin patch? I think not. Take some fab photos for the ‘gram, pick your perfect pumpkin, then carve them up just in time for Halloween!

Whether you choose to do these with your partner, spouse, or with friends, I hope you got some good ideas and more importantly, have fun! If you do any of these, snap a photo and share with me here, on Twitter or Instagram. What are your favourite autumn date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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