What University Really Taught Me

Hello my loves!

When it comes to university, everyone has a different experience. Some people love it, some just get through it, but I think it’s safe to say, we all learn lessons from it. As it’s now mid-September and classes have started again, I thought I’d share the biggest lessons I learned during my time at university.

Good friends are so important

I cannot stress this enough, but the people you surround yourself with will, in many ways, make or break your experience. They’re the people who will stay up studying with you, hold back your hair when you drink too much at the bar, even bring you soup and meds when you’re ill. Having supportive, positive people around you will make your experience all the better.

Hard work pays off

Look, I get it, some classes really suck. Whether it’s your insufferable exit seminar or a really boring maths course, sometimes you just don’t wanna. But doing the work and putting in real effort only helps you in the end. Here’s a little secret: When your professors say that you get out what you put in, they really mean it and it’s true. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, think about your future goals, what you want to achieve. It’ll put into perspective why you’re doing the work now.

Get out of your comfort zone

This is so, so important. You didn’t go to university to do the same old boring stuff, did you? Push yourself to do something you’ve never done before. Whether that includes a club/society, doing a study abroad, or just taking a class that seems kind of weird, it will create a richer experience. If I hadn’t jumped the pond and studied in England, I wouldn’t have met my guy, and I wouldn’t live in the UK now! You never know what could happen.

Learn to be okay with failure

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes. You might fail a class (or get lower marks than you’re used to), you might totally botch a project or exam. You might make a huge social gaffe and lose some friends. It’s okay. What’s important is to learn for the next time. Take the lesson on board, and figure out what you can do to be better. Most importantly, forgive yourself. Everyone messes up sometimes, but you have to move onwards and upwards.

Don’t procrastinate

Let me put it this way: professors seem to have a way of scheduling projects/exams/papers to all be due at the same time. On the other hand, they usually give you a syllabus at the beginning of the term, so you know this well in advance. Don’t leave things to the last minute, that’ll only result in having to scramble to do everything all at once. If you know you have things due, get started on them early. You’ll save yourself some stress, promise.

Take advantage of office hours

It can be hard to connect with your tutors during regular lectures. Going to office hours is a chance for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Whether you’re struggling with the material, stumped for ideas for your term paper, or just need some guidance, office hours are an opportunity to get more out of each class. And trust me, professors are far more willing to give you extra credit, letters of recommendation and references if they actually know who you are.

It’s okay not to know everything

There will concepts, people and situations you just don’t understand, and that’s okay. Nobody goes to university because they know everything. Whether it’s course material, your major, or what you want to do when you graduate, sometimes you just have to ask for help. There’s so much pressure these days to “have it all figured out,” but really, nobody does. Learn this, live it, and you’ll be much happier, promise.

Respect your own limits

Everyone has a breaking point, and it’s important to be aware when you’ve reached it. In order to avoid burnout, it’s essential to pay attention to both your mental and physical state. If you need to, take a break. Recharge and recollect. University isn’t a race, and if you need to take time off, do so. Nothing’s more important than yourself, so make sure take care of you first.

Make fun a priority

This post has been mostly serious, but it’s important to have fun in college, too! Go on that night out, take that holiday with friends, stay in bed and watch Netflix all day-whatever fun means to you. Enjoying your time at university will inevitably lead to a richer experience, and memories that you can look back on in the future.

Be present

If you take anything away from this post, take this. Time flies, and before you know it, university will be over and the real world will begin. Take in every moment, don’t just look to the future. There’s always the next thing ahead, that paper, that internship application, that job hunt. Don’t always look for the next upcoming thing, live in the moment that’s happening now.

University is full of life lessons, new experiences, and (hopefully) amazing memories in the making. Let me know in the comments below what your biggest lessons from university were.

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


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