10 Netflix Shows to Get Hooked on Right Now

Netflix Recommendations 2019

Hello my beautiful friends!

Autumn is upon us, and that means the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the Netflix binges more important. There’s simply nothing better than curling up under a cosy blanket and getting hooked on a new show. I’m bringing you ten series that are perfect for those crisp autumn nights. Cosy up, and let’s get binging!


This is one of my favourite series of all time. If you are a fan of Criminal Minds, or a true crime junkie you will love this. It basically tells the story of how the Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI got started. It is absolutely fascinating, and although it is dramatised, it is nonetheless so gripping. The second season was just released, and I’m already dying for the third!

Peaky Blinders

This show, this show you guys. Look if you haven’t seen Peaky Blinders yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s about the Shelby family, set in Birmingham, just after the first World War. It follows their gang, and the rise of their ambitious and wickedly smart leader, Tommy Shelby. It’s full of drama and twists, and you’re sure to get hooked. Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix, and season 5 is currently going on the BBC.

The Umbrella Academy

What could be more compelling than a dysfunctional superhero family, a murder, and the threat of apocalypse? The Umbrella Academy has it all and more. It follows six adopted superhero siblings, who are trying to solve their father’s death, while the end of the world looms ahead. I’m not usually a superhero show type of girl, but this one is quirky, weird, funny and fantastic. The cast is fab, and the plot twists are insane.

Our Planet

Though more of a docuseries than a TV show, Our Planet is absolutely fantastic. Narrated by the national treasure that is David Attenborough, this series shows the planet’s natural beauty, and it’s fascinating animal inhabitants. It also examines how climate change is effecting the world we live in. It is a really powerful and moving series, while also being strangely calming. If you’re a nature lover, you’d love this!

Derry Girls

This show follows Erin Quinn and her fabulous friend group, as they go through various mishaps and shenanigans. It’s set in Derry, Northern Ireland during the 1990s sectarian movement known as “the Troubles.” It’s raunchy, it’s hilarious, and also unexpectedly poignant. Each episode is only about 20 minutes, so it’s perfect for that last late-night view, or do as I did and binge a whole season in one day.

The Bodyguard

Originally shown on the BBC, The Bodyguard is an amazing show full of dark turns and twisty plot lines. Richard Madden (who you might know from Game of Thrones), plays PS David Budd. Budd is a tortured military veteran, who gets assigned to protect the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. She is full of secrets and agendas, and the whole show will keep you guessing. It’s absolutely fantastic, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Staircase

Don’t worry true-crime junkies, I’ve got you. I’ve seen just about every true crime docuseries on Netflix, but this is one of my favourites. The show follows Michael Peterson, who is accused of murdering his wife, Kathleen. He claims she fell down the stairs, the police claim it was a brutal murder. The reason I recommend this one in particular is that there are so many twists and turns in the story- police cover-ups, family secrets, crime scene contamination, and misleading evidence- this case has it all. Watch it and decide for yourself- is Michael Peterson innocent or guilty?

Altered Carbon

Set in a future world where consciousness can be digitized and stored, Altered Carbon is equal parts murder-mystery and sci-fi. Takeshi Kovacs has spent over 200 years in “prison” for his part in an uprising against the new world order, but has the chance to earn his freedom by solving the murder of Laurens Bancroft, an extremely wealthy man. This drama is such an original, interesting concept, and has so much depth. I honestly enjoyed it so much, and highly recommend.

The Windsors

Originally on Channel 4, The Windsors is a viciously funny take on the Royal Family, told through the lens of a soap opera. While probably not at all accurate, it is so hilarious and weird, I can’t help but love it. It might take a bit to get into, but once you’re in-you’re addicted. I personally love the depictions of Camilla and Princess Anne, but honestly- it’s all fantastic. If you’re looking for something light-hearted, you’ll love this. Rumour has it that even the real Prince William & Kate watch it!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This wouldn’t be an autumn watchlist without at least one slightly spooky recommendation, now would it? Truth be told, I’m obsessed with this adaptation and revival of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It’s funny, a little dark, and wonderfully retro. Its definitely more serious than the 90’s version, but I actually really like that. It’s the perfect show to get you in the mood for the spooky vibes of autumn!

So there you have it. I hope you’ve found some new, fun things to watch, preferably in cosy pjs with a nice cup of tea! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen these, what you’re watching, and what you’d recommend!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!


10 thoughts on “10 Netflix Shows to Get Hooked on Right Now

  1. thisdreamsalive says:

    The Umbrella Academy is by far my favourite thing I’ve seen this year, and I binged the whole of Season 1 of Derry Girls in one sitting. I liked the first few episodes of Mind Hunter, but right now I’m obsessed with Stranger Things. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shari J says:

    Nice recommendations. Every Friday I try to give Netflix a chance, but I never know what to watch and then when I pick something randomly it turns out to be boring. I’ve heard great things about Mindhunters and I think i’ll give that a change and Altered Carbon. Thanks for the recommendations

    Liked by 1 person

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