7 Reality TV Shows Worth Watching

Hello babes!

If you think that reality TV is rubbish and full of fake, horrible people…well you might be right. At least, partially. But sometimes you just need  that trash TV to take your mind off things and get you through the day. I’ll be honest and say that I love reality TV. I’m not even picky about the genre, I just think it’s all so fun to watch. I don’t watch it terribly often, but when I do…the game is on. Today I’m bringing you my top 7 reality TV shows that I think are worth it!

The Great British Bake Off

the great british bake off.jpg

This is technically a game show, but it’s real life so it counts, right? The premise is amateur bakers across the UK come to compete to be named the best baker. They have weekly challenges where they bake everything from tarts to breads to cakes. It’s all very creative and they come up with so many cool ideas! It’s also a bit educational, I feel like I’ve learned so much!



Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this show? Inspired by the real-life experience of the show runner, Nev, Catfish seeks to uncloud online relationships. Basically one partner contacts Nev and his cohort Max, and they find out whether the person on the other end is who they say. It doesn’t often end up being real…but it’s really cute when it is! It gets pretty twisty at times, and it’s massively addicting.

House Hunters International

house hunters international.jpeg

I’m seriously obsessed with this show. It’s like the regular House Hunters, where families search for a new home…but it’s worldwide! There’s usually three options that follow a set of requirements and desires. The family then has to decide which they will go for. It’s really interesting to  see what real estate is like in other countries and how it all works. It’s so easy to be caught up, so beware!

America’s Next Top Model

americas next top model.jpg

An oldie but a goodie, this is one of the best competition shows around. The premise is that a group of models are selected to compete to be named America’s Next Top Model. They’re put through a series of challenges that put them to the test. Each episode has a big photo shoot-which you get to see the final proof of at the end of the episode. In between there is inevitably cat-fights and drama, which is almost better than the modeling itself. And of course you have Ms. Tyra Banks, who is everything.

The Real Housewives

the real housewives.jpg

If you’re looking for straight trash TV that is mindless but is endlessly entertaining-this is your gig. Any of the many varieties are good-my faves are New York, Beverly Hills and Orange County. It centers around a group of “housewives” and the events/drama that surround them. I love it for those days where I just want to veg out-or as background noise while I’m doing something else.

Parts Unknown

parts unknown

OK, this toes the line of docuseries and reality TV-but I’m going to put it on the list because it’s just too good. Featuring renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown takes you around the world and focuses on the food in different cities. You get a glimpse of gorgeous places, amazing cultures and truly delicious looking food. As an avid traveler, it feeds my soul. Just eat before you watch-it’s sure to make you hungry!

Made in Chelsea

made in chelsea.jpg

I always describe this show as like Laguna Beach/ The Hills, with British accents. It’s set around a group of friends from the super posh borough of London called Chelsea.  It’s completely cheesy at times and super dramatic-but it’s also amazing. There’s a ton of seasons so you can really veg out and get hooked. The sheer amount of wealth involved is kind of staggering but it’s fun to see how the other half lives. And just wait until you meet Mark Francis-he’s bound to be your favorite.


I think everyone needs a bit of reality TV once in awhile-if only to get away from your own. Have you seen any of these? What are your fave reality TV show? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for watching & stay golden!



5 thoughts on “7 Reality TV Shows Worth Watching

  1. ecarlson703 says:

    Where does Made in Chelsea air? I’ve never heard of it before.

    Also, I really love Baby Ballroom. It’s a British show that plays on Netflix. Several of the serious dancers have overseas dance partners that live with their families. The dancers that do this are teenagers with men in their early 20s partnering them and living with them. It’s rather questionable and great to watch.


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