10 Things Your Hairdresser Wants You to Know

Hello my loves-

As most of you probably know already, when I’m not blogging, I am a full-time hair stylist. I spend my days coloring, cutting, and styling, and it’s my life’s passion. I genuinely love what I do. That being said, I see some pretty crazy stuff from time to time. Today I’m letting you in behind the curtain and sharing ten things us hairdressers wish you knew!

1. We went to school, got diplomas and have licenses for what we do.

We spent anywhere between 1200-1600+ hours learning and training to become hairstylists. We learn about color, cuts, styling, as well as chemical services. We had to take state boards like any other professional to do what we do. Like a doctor or lawyer, we can’t practice without a license. While there are helpful  YouTube videos out there, watching one doesn’t equate to a cosmetology degree or license. Think of it this way: you don’t tell your doctor, mechanic or electrician how to do their job, so please extend us the same courtesy.

2. Not showing up to your appointment is not cool

We call them “no-shows” and they are the bane of our existence. You may not realize this, but most of us are commission-based employees, which means if you don’t show, we don’t get paid. But it’s not all about the money. When you take up time on our day and don’t show up, someone else could have had your spot. It’s unfair to us and unfair to those on our waiting list. Of course we know things happen and sometimes, you can’t help it, and we understand. Please be considerate and, if possible, let us know at least the day before if you’re not going to make it. Even if it’s a last minute disaster, calling and letting us know you’re not coming is always appreciated!

3. Good hair isn’t cheap, and cheap hair isn’t good.

Look, I get it, getting your hair done can get real expensive, real fast. But think of it this way: you could get it done cheaply, and probably not very well, and then pay even more to have somebody fix it. Why not just get it done properly the first time? Also-we really aren’t trying to rip you off. Our prices are generally set by the salon, and it’s mildly insulting to be told, in so many words, that we aren’t worth how much we’re charging. If whatever service you’re after is out of your price range, ask your stylist what he/she can do within your budget. We’re happy to give options and accommodate when we can.

4. We don’t have magic wands, as much as we wish we did.

We all want to be Harry Potter, but alas, here we are. Some things are just out of our grasp, and we can’t always give you what you want. At least not on the first appointment. I’ve seen some truly disastrous things come through my chair, and while I fancy myself a pretty good stylist, I can’t fix everything. Whatever you may want or need done/fixed may not be feasible. For example, if you have dark hair color all over your head, I can’t simply put a lighter color over it to lighten you…that’s not the way hair color works. Similarly, it may take some time before I can fully fix a botched haircut, unless you want to start all over with a shaved head. Remember that we are only human, and can only do so much. 

5. Shampoos are always a bit dicey

This is everyone’s favorite part of their experience, and generally, I don’t mind it. It can be as relaxing for me as it is for you, believe it or not. That being said, there’s a few things we’d like you to keep in mind. We try very hard to not get you wet, but we need your cooperation. Slouching all the way down or sitting basically upright are bound to get you soaked. Relax your head, we’ll move it if we need to, and it’s actually counterproductive if you try to help us. Keeping your eyes open or closed doesn’t really matter, but staring straight at us the whole time is awkward and a little creepy. For a really good guide of what to do at the shampoo bowl, check out my friend Alf’s advice.

6. We can totally see over your shoulder.

Those texts you’re trying to be discreet about? The girl your’e insta-stalking? The really random but pretty interesting article you’re reading? Yeah, we can totally see them. But don’t worry, we usually aren’t paying attention to what you’re looking at and generally don’t care. Your secrets are safe with us.

7. Right on time is the best time.

Most of us run on schedules that are timed to work out perfectly. While we appreciate you coming early, we can’t always take you right when you arrive. It could throw off your service timing and the rest of the day. On the flip side, if you are more than 10-15 minutes late, we may have to change or reschedule your service. We hate it as much as you do. We simply can’t compromise another guest’s service because you’re late. Again, we realize that sometimes things happen, and it may not be your fault, but please try to understand our side of things.  Lastly, you’re scheduled for what you’re scheduled for. We may be able to add those last minute highlights you want on, but then again, we may not.

8. We are generally happy to adjust your hair.

As I said earlier, we’re only human and sometimes we don’t get it right. Maybe we didn’t anticipate how resistant your hair is. Perhaps we didn’t fully understand what you wanted. In any case, we’d rather you come to us and talk about it, and give us the chance to tweak it, than have to read a nasty Yelp review after you’ve said it was great. Be honest with us, we won’t be offended or upset, as long as you’re not nasty or rude about it. We won’t know anything is wrong if you don’t tell us.

9. Pinterest & Instagram are not reality.

Pinterest & the ‘gram are fantastic for finding inspiration and sorting through what you like and don’t like. However, like most things on social media, they are not 100% real or genuine. Many of the things you see are in perfect lighting, with filters or have been doctored. Maybe that girl with the gorgeous updo you found has extensions in. Maybe you’ve got fine, straight hair, but you’re showing us a photo of super thick, wavy locks. I’ve seen the same head of hair on Pinterest in 10 different colors. While we love to see your inspo, we want you to be realistic about it.

10. Going from black to blonde in one go is not a thing.

Going back to #4 and #9, we can’t perform miracles. While you can have blonde hair if you’re a dark brunette or have black hair, you most likely won’t be able to do it in one session. If your hair is colored, forget about it. Your hair will probably go through a reddish/caramel/yellowish phase before you get to your ultimate goal. I’ve talked about the journey from dark side in a previous post. Now, I know what you’re going to say, “But the Kardashians do it all the time!!” Bottom line: you are not a Kardashian. For starters, sometimes they wear wigs. When their goldilocks are real, it takes multiple processes, over 12 hours, and I’m guessing thousands of dollars. We’ll do our best, but be realistic.

The bottom line is that we want to do what’s best for you and your hair. We work hard and have a ton of passion for what we do.

Any hairdressers out there? What’s your best advice? If you’re a salon frequenter, let me know the things you wish us stylists knew!

As always thanks for reading & stay golden!



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