12 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello lovers!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means everyone is going to scramble to find the perfect way to celebrate. If you’re like me, the classic dinner & a movie gets a bit old. With the help of my guy, Rohan, I’m bringing you 12 ideas for a unique Vday celebration!

Go Old School


I don’t do it often, but I actually love to go bowling. It’s usually pretty inexpensive, so even those ballin’ on a budget can do it. Because it’s active, it’s perfect for newer couples because there’s less time to try to force awkward conversation. You can even make it a friendly competition, and win or lose, it’ll be fun.

Picnic in the Park


If you happen to both not be working (or put off celebrating until you both aren’t) then a picnic is such a sweet idea. If you live near a park or nice outdoor area, pack up a little lunch, bring some champs, and have a nice day outside. Bonus points if the park has a boating area that you can canoe or kayak!

Jet-setter Weekend


Rohan and I did this last year for Valentine’s Day. We took a three day trip to Chicago and it was such a good idea. Get on Google flights/Kayak/Expedia and find a cheap flight to wherever and jet off. AirBnB is the way to go for accommodation & Pinterest is great for last minute finding cool things to do. If you don’t mind the cold, North is the way to go, as flights are cheaper!

Teaser Taster


Look, I’m all about having a few drinks to celebrate the day of love. Why not take it a step further and find a local brewery/winery/distillery and go for a tasting? Even some bars do this! It’s a fun way to try new stuff, and who knows? You might find a new favorite!

Get Jiggy With It


How fun would it be to take a salsa or swing class?! Or any kind of dance class, really. It’s romantic, sexy and you get to learn something new. If you end up loving it, it could become a hobby that you guys can do together. And don’t worry about being bad at it, it’ll at least be a laugh!

Go Ice Skating


This is such a cute wintery thing to do, in my opinion. Even if you don’t live near a naturally frozen body of water, most indoor ice rinks have open skate nights. Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the people watching. Pro tip: If you aren’t good at ice skating or don’t know how, stick to the edges of the rink, you can always grab onto the ledge if you lose your balance.

Artistic Expression


Let your inner artists out with a ceramic painting date! There’s plenty of places that you go and pick out a piece, paint it and they glaze & fire it for you. If ceramics aren’t your thing, you could do a paint & wine date, where you’re given something to recreate, while you sip on some wine. Either way, you’ll get a sweet memento at the end!

Puppy Love


Or kitten cuddles, if that’s more your speed. Give back and head to your local animal shelter to have the cutest date in the world. Everyone wants to hang out with the little ones, but the older ones are often just as sweet & playful. The animals in shelters always need love and socialization, and it’s scientifically proven that animals boost your mood (I’m pretty sure that’s accurate). You might just fall in love take someone home with you (but don’t do so unless you’re full prepared for it!).

Jump For Joy


Relive your childhood and spend the evening jumping around a trampoline warehouse. It’s just that, a huge space filled with trampolines, and sometimes arcade games. You’ll get in a bit of exercise at the same time as having tons of laughs. Fair warning: you might be sore in the morning-it’s harder than you think!

Laugh Out Loud


Why not spend Vday laughing it up as much as possible? A great way to do this is to go see a comedy show. You could get tickets to a major talent, or check out a local open mic. The latter is actually really fun. Sure, everyone might not be great, but you might just catch someone on their rise to fame. Either way, it’s a fun way to spend with someone you care about.

The Stars Await


Perhaps the simplest, easiest and cheapest option, stargazing is a super romantic way to spend the evening. Find an open space and simply look up at the galaxy around you. Away from city lights is the best, as you can see the stars better. If you’re ambitious, you could do a bit of research and see what major stars/constellations you can see.

Netflix & Chill


This might be my favorite date of them all. Cook a romantic meal for two (or get a takeaway if you can’t be bothered), crack open a bottle of wine and pick a film! Easy as that. The pros are countless; you get to avoid the Vday crowds, wear comfy clothes, relax in your own home, and snuggle with your SO. If you’re struggling with what to watch here’s a list of some good options!

There you have it, little Cupids! What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you have any cool date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!



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