My Travel Bucket List

Hiya friends!

As you all know I love to travel and I do fairly often. I’ve been to twelve countries so far and I’m always itching to see more. Ideally I’d love to visit everywhere in the world, but I do have to work occasionally. Today I thought I’d share my current travel bucket list with you! II’ll keep it short and go with my top ten places (in no particular order) I’d love to see. Let’s jet off!



I’ve done most of my travelling in Europe but I still haven’t been to Germany! There’s so much history and culture to see, and I’ve heard the food is great as well. I’d love to visit Berlin especially, but also the Bavarian region. Going in either Christmastime or for Oktoberfest is a real dream of mine!



I’ll be honest here and say my interest in Thailand started with my love of their food. It’s one of my favorite, and apparently super cheap over there. I knew someone who lived in Thailand for a bit and absolutely loved it, so that only fueled my desire to go. I think it’s just so different and new and I’d love to experience it.



Look, I am not a hiker or nature girl by any means, but I’d make an exception for Iceland. It just seems so serene, and absolutely gorgeous. The Northern Lights are a big draw for sure, but I’d also like to go to the Blue Lagoon Spa. The crystal ice cave in Skaftafell also looks amazing. Like I said, I’m not outdoorsy, but Iceland might convert me.



I have been obsessed with Brazil for years now, but sadly haven’t found time to go yet. I studied the history and culture of Brazil extensively in college, and even learned a bit of Portuguese! While I’d definitely love to visit Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Bahía and Rio Grande do Sul also sound amazing. Carnaval would be absolutely amazing to attend. And Brazilian food?! Sign me up immediately.

The Seychelles Islands


Most people haven’t heard of the Seychelles Islands, but it’s high on my wanderlust list. It is an archipelago off the coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It looks absolutely stunning, the beaches With it being an archipelago, there’s lots to see, and you can even get a selfie with a giant tortoise! I definitely want to pull a Will & Kate and honeymoon here if we can afford it!



I once had a professor/advisor at uni who was from Gdansk in Poland, and she made me want to go so bad. She told me the most wonderful stories and had the most incredible photos. Warsaw is a must for me, but I’d also like to visit Krakow as well.  The Crooked Forest also looks incredible. And though it must be so sad, you can’t really go to Poland without taking in Auschwitz. 



I won’t lie, I want to go because I watch Game of Thrones. It’s my favorite show, and King’s Landing is shot in Dubrovnik, so there you have it. Aside from the city, Plitvice National Park looks gorgeous, as does Hvar and Split. And just the whole country, really. Not to mention Croatian food looks ridiculously good.

South Africa


There is so much I want to do in South Africa. Penguin beach? Yes. Safari? Totally. Hang out with giraffes? Sign me up. Mostly, it’s about the wildlife and I’m here for it. Not to mention South Africa makes some bomb wines and you all know ya girl lives for the vino.

The Scottish Highlands


I’ve been to Scotland twice, but only to Edinburgh. The next go around, I’d love to visit the Scottish Highlands. They looks super relaxing and just a great place to go and refresh.  Inverness looks like the perfect place to explore, and I really want to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct. And I’m a little obsessed with Outlander, letsbereal.



When I was little I was obsessed with the story of Princess Anastasia and Imperial Russia. The architecture is astounding. I feel like I’d just want to wander around and feast my eyes on it all. Lake Baikal in Siberia looks ridiculously gorgeous, and it’d be amazing to visit in the winter.  Not to mention, vodka is my spirit of choice, and where better to sample the finest than Russia herself?

Now of course, I’d love to visit so many more places than this, the whole world if I can! Have you been to any of these places? Where in the world would your bucket list take you? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!



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