Morphe 352O Second Nature Palette Review

Hello friends!

If you know me, you know that I love the makeup brand Morphe. They are crazy affordable, and the quality is outstanding. They receive a lot of buzz about their palettes, particularly the 35O. Recently, they released the 35O2 “Second Nature” palette, and As soon as I saw it, I was a goner. It is the perfect fall palette, and in my opinion, better than the original. Keep reading to find out my full thoughts, see photos and my terrible attempts at swatches!

morphe 3502.JPG

As you can see, in the short time I’ve had this, it has been well loved. I use it almost every day. It is the perfect warm palette, so if you love looks full of oranges and warm browns you’ll love this. The palette has a good mix of shimmers and mattes, which I love. I’ve spoken about the Fall Into Frost palette, but this one is better because there are more matte shades to play with.

The pigmentation is unreal, literally a little goes a long way. The quality is so great, it is unbelievable how inexpensive it is. The palette retails for $23.00 USD, for 35 shades. That’s about 66¢ per eyeshadow, and so worth it. Plus, lots of YouTubers have Morphe discount codes, including Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, and Laura Lee, among others.

morphe 3502 second nature.JPG

I love how versatile this palette is. You can get really grungy and smokey, but you can also do a brighter look. The shimmer shades are soooo amazing, I’m constantly impressed with the quality of Morphe’s shimmers. They’re so buttery and creamy, and never chunky. Honestly, my only critique is that there’s only one shade that can be used as a highlight (on my skin tone). Other than that, it’s literal perfection. Now here’s some swatches I tried to do…key word being tried.

morphe 3502 palettemorphe 3502 swatch

This is a great addition to any makeup collection. It’d make a fantastic gift for any beauty lover in your life, as well. You can order online from Morphe’s website or they recently released on the Ulta website. Select Ulta stores also carry Morphe now, so you can check and see if your local one does!

Have any of you tried the 35O2 palette? What did you think of it? Which is your favorite Morphe product? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!



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