My Guy Explains What Makeup Is

Hi friends!

A sweet little post for today! I saw this on Barely There Beauty and thought it was just so cute. I wear makeup daily, but don’t know how much Rohan pays attention to it, so we’ll see how this goes.

Here’s your daily wellness!


Is it like a base layer?


Well isn’t that like a base layer as well? It goes under the main makeup.


Concealer?! Sounds like it conceals something, dunno what. Is that right?


Is that not just that stuff that you dip your brush in and pat your face with it?


That makes cheeks red. Or less pale. Adds color to your cheeks.


Makes parts of your face shiny.


What…contour?! Errrm..contour? *he’s very lost at this point* well contours go around something, don’t they? So in regards to makeup- I don’t know what the makeup’s meant to go around.


Makes your face more bronze…or is that what what you put on your eyelids? No- adds a bronze effect to wherever applied.


Makes your eyes look a bit more shadowy.


Mascara? That’s like war paint- that you paint your eyes with.

Brow Gel

Brow gel? Gel for your eyebrows.

Setting Spray

Spray it all over your face, and it keeps your makeup in place. *well done on that one*


That’s that little pen that you use to draw a line on your eyelids.


Is it like something you use to rub off makeup if you make a mistake.


Ermm…I have no idea. Strobing…what on Earth could that be? Nothing to do with strobe lights…is it something that flashes- I don’t know how makeup can flash but that’s all I can think of. Or something that catches the light maybe.


I am probably getting abs from how hard this made me laugh. I highly recommend giving it a go with your significant other! Try not to laugh at them, the poor guys.

As always, thanks for reading  & stay golden!



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