A Bite of the Big Apple: NYC

Hello pretty kitties!

      I admit it, I’m the worst at posting. Forgive me please! Life has been like, “here are these 3 million things to deal with, have fun!” and alas, I have been terrible about getting on here. But, I’m back!!

This time I wanted to take you guys on a trip with me to the city of all cites, New York, New York. I was lucky to spend 5 whole days in the City, and the trip was incredible. NYC is just one of those places you have to go, at least once in your life. It’s busy, it’s crowded, it’s crazy…and it’s worth it. So here are my loves and hates, tips and tricks for taking on the Big Apple.

There are so many things to do and see in New York, and it’d take at least a week to do them all. These were my faves!

New York Public Library


Raise your hand if Belle is your favorite Disney princess. Now raise your hand if the library scene is the greatest part of that movie. The feeling is mutual. When I think of public libraries, I think of old rundown, kind of sad buildings that are holding on by a thread but clearly I was mistaken. This library gives me all kinds of Beauty & the Beast vibes. The architecture is stunning. It was honestly my favorite place in the whole city. Bonus: there gift shop has the cutest stuff for your favorite bookacholic.


Times Square


Fair warning: if you hate crowds you will hate Times Square. It is literally one of the busiest places I have ever been. Millions walk through it every hour (ok I made that up, but wouldn’t be surprised if it were true). That being said, it really feels like New York. It’s loud,  it’s bright, it’s crazy. People aren’t that nice and it’s actually kind of fun. You can find everything from the Disney store, to H&M, to Olive Garden here. It’s one of those places that makes you feel small, in the best way. 7072

Central Park


Central Park has to be my runner up for favorite place in the city. IT IS GIGANTIC. We were in the park for around 2-2.5 hours and we saw maybe a quarter of it. There are multiple ways to enter the park, tons of exits, and so much to do inside of it. Of the parts we saw, I loooooved Bethesda Fountain and the Alice in Wonderland Statue. Right by the Alice statue, you can peep the boat pond that’s featured in Stuart Little. The nature, of course is beautiful. While you’re in the park, you seriously can’t tell that you’re in the middle of the city. Just make sure you go in the daytime, rumor has it that Central Park can be a little dangerous at night!


The Flatiron/Madison Square Park


Ok, the Flatiron Building is so cool. It really does look flat, and it’s honestly huge. There is a really good median spot in front of in (right by Madison Sq. Park) that you can stop and snap a few photos without risking your life. All that being true, it is just a building, so there’s not a lot to do.  However, Madison Square Park is right next to it. Not to be confused with Madison Square Garden, the park is adorned with cute little tables and lots of seriously cute dogs. There is also a Shake Shack in the park, so if you’re hungry, grab a burger & fries and people watch.

Grand Central Station


Have you ever heard the song Mad World by Gary Jules? That would be the perfect theme song for Grand Central. It is tremendously busy, people milling about, rushing to wherever, going on a train to somewhere else. It’s a beautiful building, and the people watching is prime. It’s one of those iconic spots in the city, so I highly recommend stopping off while you’re on the Subway.


Brooklyn Bridge


There are lots of bridges leading to and from Manhattan, but the Brooklyn Bridge is the most iconic. It has the coolest structure, and there are thousands of people crossing it per day (again I made that up, but probably true). Along the Manhattan side walking up the bridge, you can find vendors selling little knicknacks and keepsakes. It’s up to you whether you want to walk all the way to Brooklyn or not, but it’s definitely a cool sight to see.


One World Trade Center


One of the most moving places in NYC, the One World Trade Center commemorates the loss of so many lives on 9/11. It is truly a place where you can feel the emotion of a city still healing from such a tragic event. We didn’t go into the museum, honestly I wasn’t sure if I could handle it, but we saw the memorial outside. It’s a quiet place, so make sure to be respectful. While I would call this a fun place to visit, I think it’s an important place to see while in NYC.


As you can see, we had the opportunity to see so much of the city, but don’t be fooled, there is so much more. I honestly don’t even know how someone could see everything in 5 days!

That being said, my #1 tip is to have a plan. You don’t have to time everything down to the minute, but having a general idea of what you want to do in a day is helpful, and helps you cut out unnecessary time going from one side of the city to the other.

Tip #2 is to buy tickets in advance. One of the main reasons we didn’t do big attractions like the Empire State Building, Liberty Island and the Rockefeller Center was being we didn’t buy tickets ahead of time. Now, you can wait in line on “standby” but this could take 4+ hours. Since we had only five days (and one of those was spent in Boston), we didn’t want to lose so much time waiting in line. Lesson learned!

My tip #3 is to buy a week unlimited Subway pass. Granted, this will depend on how long you’re in the city, but we found it worth the money. I believe it was about $30, and we had unlimited uses during the week we were there. That’s actually a good deal, because each use is worth at least $2 and we used the Subway way more than 15 times. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to get around. You can risk an Uber but it’ll probably take you twice as long and cost you three times as much!

My fourth and final tip is to bring comfortable shoes. This is a must and I cannot emphasize this enough. Although the metro can take you almost anywhere you want to go, sometimes it is more logical to just walk it. Additionally, sometimes the closest Subway station is still a ways off from whatever attraction you’re trying to get to. If you’re caught wearing uncomfortable shoes, you’ll definitely regret it!


So that’s it for my highlights & tips for NYC! Have you ever been to the Big City? What were your favorite/least favorite things about it? What should I do the next time I go? As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!



One thought on “A Bite of the Big Apple: NYC

  1. The Thrifty Campers says:

    The world trade center is a must when touring the city now a days. I had forgotten just how busy time square was until my last visit there, definitly fun though with it all lit up, you get the full experience for sure.


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