5 Perfect Holiday Gifts For the Last Minute Shopper

Hello friends!

Fun fact: I am a terrible holiday shopper. After working years in retail, I like to avoid holiday shopping like the plague. But, at the end of the day, I have to get out there and buy gifts for the fam and my friends. I inevitably either wait until the last minute or get the surprise Secret Santa assignment, or lowkey forget about someone (yikes). I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, so I thought I’d share a few of my best last-minute ideas with you! These are perfect for friends, family, people you don’t know very well, or that office work party you have to bring a White Elephant gift to. Enjoy!

Easy-Peasy: A Gift Card


I know, I know…so many people hate giving these as a gift. Even I find it kind of impersonal. But this holiday season I’ve thought about it, and I actually love getting gift cards. Who knows better than I do what I want? Nobody. So, if you think about it that way, there’s really nothing more personal than giving a gift card. Grab one from their favorite clothing store, restaurant, makeup store. If all else fails, everyone can get behind a Visa or Starbucks gift card.

For the Home: A Candle


This is a favorite of mine when I get invited to a holiday party at someone’s house that I’m not super close with. It lasts longer than consumable things like wine or food, and I don’t know many people who dislike candles. Though choosing a scent for someone else can be difficult, I tend to go for things that go with the season (basalm, snow, cinnamon-y scents). If you’re really worried about them not liking it, you can always include a gift receipt and they can switch it for something they prefer if need be. FYI Bath & Body Works almost always has some kind of promotion going on, so you can often find their yummy candles on sale.

Cosy Up: A Scarf


This is literally the perfect clothing item to get for someone else. You don’t have to make it awkward by trying to guess their size. Scarves are cosy, they’re functional, they’re perfect for holidays. I live in Florida, where the need for a warm-weather scarf is few and far between, Luckily they make light chiffon-like material scarves that are more usable year-round. My best tip is to check out places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. They usually have really good quality scarves for a better price!

But First, Coffee: A Mug


This is great for a coffee or tea lover. I love that you can find quirky/funny ones or more simplistic designs. Some of my favorite gifts have been coffee mugs. My favorite places to find cute ones are Target, Francesca’s, Etsy. Even the Icing has cute ones sometimes. If you want to get more personal about it and you have the time, you could try to find a ceramic-painting shop and paint one yourself. Alternatively, you could buy a plain white one and write a cute slogan in sharpie. Instructions on that can be found here.

Beyond the Holidays: A Monthly Subscription Box


This would be a great gift for someone that has niche. Maybe they’re a huge foodie or a makeup junkie,a bookworm, or really, really love their pet. There’s a subscription box for everyone, including men. It’s a good chance for them to try out a bunch a new things without having to buy them. I’d actually be really excited about getting this. Many allow you to gift one or multiple boxes, and the prices range from $5/month on up.  Some great ideas are BirchboxIpsyGrazeKinderbox, and many related to pets.


The holidays are literally right around the corner, so I hope you guys all have amazing ones and get all your shopping done in time! Hopefully this has been helpful to procrastinator Grinches like me! What are your favorite gifts to give or receive? What are your best last-minute gift ideas? Let me know in the comments in below! As always, thanks for reading & stay golden.



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