Ipsy GlamBag Review (November 2016)

Hello friends!

There’s nothing like opening your mailbox and seeing the metallic hot pink packaging of your Ipsy bag shining at you like a beacon of hope and makeup dreams. Okay, okay, I’m dramatic but it is really exciting. If you don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a monthly subscription “Glam bag” full of goodies for $10/month. The products are usually deluxe samples, but I’ve gotten a few full size ones too. They range from skin care, to cosmetics, to beauty tools, to nail varnish. Each bag contains 4-6 samples, and they range from super affordable to mid-range high end. One of the coolest things about it is that the bags are re-useable and usually super cute. So without further ado, let’s jump into what I got this month!


The Bag

ipsy glam bag.jpg

Um, how cute is this? The theme this month was “Rockstarlette” which is really cool. The bag is dark navy, with cute little constellations that are shaped like beauty tools and products! The material is this squishy, neopryne fabric, which I don’t love, but I can look past it.

Doucce Freematic Blush in #49 Zen Orange


Ok, I hate the packaging for this product. It’s seriously ridiculous. The outer box could be a full size, but the actual product is pretty small. Other than that, I do really like it. The color is gorgeous, it’s a peachy-orangey coral shade. It’s pigmented, but not too pigmented -which can be a thing with blush. It’s build-able and blends really nicely. I’ve worn it a few times since getting it and I’m definitely a fan. I’m super picky about blushers so I’m glad they sent this one!

EYEKO Skinny Liquid Eyeliner deluxe in Black


Overall, it’s not that exciting. Ipsy sends me eyeliners faster than I can use them, so it’s kind of meh to get one at this point. To be fair this one is pretty good. It’s very opaque, draws very sharply, and lasts a long time. It’s a felt tip liquid liner, so I love that. I have really watery eyes and sometimes get little gaps in the corners, but this one wasn’t too bad, so that was good. I’d probably like it more if it were waterproof. Also, the sample size is smaller than a regular liner pen, so it wasn’t as easy to hold.

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional face primer


If I could marry a face primer, this would be the one. It’s literal perfection. I’ve talked about it in my makeup essentials post, and my opinion hasn’t changed (though I do need to post an updated essentials). Regardless, I love this stuff because it really smooths the skin out, creating a flawless canvas for makeup to go on. It also mattes the skin out a teeny bit without being drying. It’s so so good, even though I have the full size at the moment,  I don’t hate having more. Perfect for travel!

NUXE Nuxellence DETOX

nuxe nuxellence detox.jpg

Not going to lie, this was the part where I wished Ipsy sent info/how to use cards in their bags. The description on the front was vague, and the lettering so tiny on the back, I couldn’t tell what this was supposed to do. Is it a moisturizer? Is it a mask? Eventually I figured out that it was a night cream/serum, and it’s a pretty dang good one. My skin felt so soft after I applied this, even Rohan noticed. He also said it smelled really nice, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent. The next morning my skin did look really good, so I’m going to continue using this and see how I get on with it. I always find that this type of product needs testing multiple times to really get a feel for it, but so far, so good.

Absolute New York Matte Stick in NFA52 Dark Red

absolute new york matte stick nfa52.jpg

Ugh, no. I love me a red lip, but this one kind of came out more dark pink than true red. The formula isn’t wonderful either. It was drying on the lips, so I had to apply gloss to even make it wearable for comfort’s sake. It also kind of fell apart really soon after applying. It didn’t bleed, it just went really patchy and weird. This is a weird issue, but I felt like the stick being so flat made it really hard to apply precisely. It would have worked better with a lip brush, but I honestly do not have the time or patience for that. Overall, I just have way better red lipsticks than this one, so I probably won’t get much use from it.

So that’s it for my Ipsy this month! Let me know what you got in yours, and how you felt about them. Did we get the same things? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re interested in signing up follow this link to do so. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at anytime, with no charge! As always, thanks for reading and stay golden!




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