Morphe 35F Fall into Frost Palette Review


Hello friends! First of all, I apologize for my loooong absence. I had so many things planned, but then I had a birthday, and literally all of my friends had birthdays, so it’s been a crazy month and a half and I’ve been super busy. I’ve also been travelling to Tampa and Orlando a lot lately, and been absolutely slammed at work, so it’s been crazy! But I’m excited to be back and writing!

A few years ago I discovered a brand called Morphe Brushes, and a love story began. The quality of their products is amazing, and their prices are so affordable. In the past year there has been a ton of buzz about their palettes, particularly their 35O, which has been called the “fall” palette. They recently released the 35F Fall into Frost Palette. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Keep reading to find out what I thought, and see photos and swatches! I’m only going to swatch a few of my favorites (I’ll do both matte & shimmer) because there are 35, and ain’t nobody got time fo dat.



Overall, this palette is fantastic. I use it several times a week, and have created so many fun looks with it. Though the palette is mostly shimmer shadows, all the colors that you need to be matte are there. It’s got some lovely transition shades, some deeper shades, and the shimmers are to.die.for.

As always, the quality of this palette is great, especially for the price. It retails for $22.99 USD, and you get 7 mattes and 28 shimmer/metallic. That breaks down to .65¢ per shadow, I’m just sayin’.


What I absolutely love about this palette is that it can transition nicely from fall to winter. You’ve got your orangey-brown, coppery shades which are lovely for fall, and lots of purpley, cranberry shades that are so dreamy for winter.  The highlighting shades are actual perfection. I’d say I haven’t used them for my face highlight, but I’d be lying. And that pigment though, could it be better? I think not. They are so buttery and creamy, they blend like a dream. I maybe am a teensy-tiny bit obsessed.


Overall, I think Morphe has absolutely smashed it out of the park with this palette. Its quality is fantastic, the colors and pigment are there, I highly, highly recommend. It’d make a perfect holiday gift, because the price is so good. Or a great addition to your wish list!



Swatches with & without flash. I am clearly terrible at swatching, oops.

Have you tried any of Morphe’s products? Which are your favorites? Have you tried this palette? Let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading and stay golden!



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