Behind The Scenes Blogging Tag and Throwback Photos

Hi friends!

I saw this tag on Emily Rose’s blog and thought it would be fun to do for you all! I love letting you all get to know more about me as a person, so I’m excited to do this tag! I’m putting my own twist on it by incorporating throwback photos. If anything you’ll get a laugh from how crazy my fashion was or how horrible my eyebrows were. Without further ado, get a peek into my blogging process:


Because reading is fundamental

Where do you blog?

I used to blog from my bed, but it was really ruining my posture and causing a lot of back pain. I now blog mostly from my desk because I have a nice chair to sit in and it’s more comfortable. I also set it up cute so it gets me in a good mindset to write.


Reach for the stars, kids

Where do you find inspirations for your posts?

Most of my blog posts come from things I see or go through. I’ll get random ideas throughout the day and just make a note of them in my phone. I get inspiration from random things: places I’ve eaten, conversations I’ve had, new experiences I’ve gone through.


When in doubt, cheese it out

How long does it take you to write a blog post?

It depends on what I’m writing about, how many pictures I have to edit, etc. It can take as little as a few hours or a much as a few days. I put a lot of time into the blog, so it’s definitely a commitment!


Glammin’ since ’92

Do you plan your posts?

Sometimes I do. I have a folder for ideas/drafts. But sometimes things just come to me and I’ll just write it then and there. I’m honestly not that organized, and I work full time as a hairstylist so it’s hard for me to plan too far out.


That 90’s fashion icon lyfe, ya know what I mean?


What editing programmes do you use?

I usually use Pixlr and Photoscape, occasionally Photoshop. I sometimes will use VSCO or Afterlight if I’ve taken photos on my phone.


Very hungry hippo

Do you use a notebook to track your ideas?

No, but I use the Notes app on my phone to make notes. I just would always forget to bring a physical notebook with me and it’s way more convenient to take notes on my phone.


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Do you take your pictures?

Almost always I do. I’ve used stock photos once, and it was okay but I think taking your own photos makes your blog more fun & unique. Then you also don’t have to worry about licenses or anything and you can edit them the way you like.


Possibly my most embarassing photo of life.

Who knows about your blog?

I’m really open about it and shamelessly self-promote on my social media channels. I imagine most people who know me or are friends/follow me on social media know that I blog. I’m really proud of what I produce so I’m not going to just keep it to myself.


Curly-Q Sue

Are you an organized or messy blogger?

I don’t really know. I do a bit of planning/organizing but I also want things to come up organically. So I suppose I’m a bit of both. I don’t want to get so into a schedule or an organizational space to where this isn’t fun or enjoyable anymore. I like to just let things happen as they do.


Just hangin’, staring into space

Biggest blogging pet peeve?

I don’t think I really have one other than using fonts people can’t read. That will immediately turn me off a blog if I can’t read the font easily!


Always serving diva realness

I want to tag my friend,  TheThriveness as well as anyone who wants to do this tag! Let me know in the comments below if you do it as well, I’d love to read your answers! As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!





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