I’m in Love With the Coco(nut oil)


Hello friends!

There are few products I own that can be classified as a cure-all, but coconut oil comes pretty darn close. From moisturizing your skin to fixing a squeaky door (yes I’ve tried this), it seems like there’s nothing coconut oil can’t do. Celebs and makeup artists swear by it, and I do too. While I’ll focus on the beauty applications here, there are many other uses for coconut oil here.

Red Lips-ID12433-640x412.jpg

Makeup Remover

This is my favorite use for coconut oil. Even my most waterproof, hard to remove mascara is no match for it. You can use it directly on the skin as an oil cleanser, or use a cotton round to wipe makeup away. Note: the oil will leave a slight film on the skin, so if you tend to be oily, I’d follow up with a traditional cleanser.



Million Dollar Smile

Due to the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties in coconut oil, using it can freshen your breath, and whiten your teeth. Warning: this isn’t the most pleasant to do, but it’s worth it. Basically, you gargle a spoonful of oil for 20 minutes (called oil pulling), then rinse your mouth out. You can even add some baking soda and make a quick toothpaste, if need be. Easy peasy, coco squeezy.



Smooth Skin

I personally use coconut oil straight on the skin. I basically shower, slather some on and then towel off, but some people feel that it’s too heavy this way. You can easily make a DIY lotion with coconut oil. Either way, you’ll have super soft, super moisturized skin.



Get Those Brushes Clean, Girl

Seriously, this is the best makeup brush remover in the land. Even that brush you’ve been using to apply foundation a little too  long won’t stand up to coconut oil. Pro tip: make sure to wash with baby shampoo/brush shampoo after you use the coconut oil. The oil will leave a residue on the brushes, and it’ll be tough to apply makeup (especially powders) if you don’t wash it off.




Mix half a cup of coconut oil with sugar or coarse salt (as much as you like) to make an exfoliator. The sugar/salt will slough off the dead skin, while the oil will moisturize, even after you rinse it away. You’ll be left with baby-soft skin.



Shiny Locks

If your hair looks and feels like it’s dying of thirst, throw some coco on that bih’. Ok inappropriate, but it works.  Use your discretion of how much you need, but I like to apply on dry hair, let it sit for at least 20 minutes (wrap in a warm towel if you can), then wash/condition. Do this as much as needed and you’ll feel like you have new hair. Some people even say it makes their hair grow faster. Personally, I’m unconvinced, but who knows?


coconut oil2.jpg

Of course, there are many more uses for coconut oil in the beauty realm, but these are my favorite, and most used.  If you haven’t tried it out, go to your nearest grocery store and pick up a jar. You can find it almost anywhere, just make sure you read the label and know what you’re buying. If you have tried it, what are your favorite ways to use it? Let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading & stay golden!



3 thoughts on “I’m in Love With the Coco(nut oil)

  1. Hannah says:

    Yes! I use coconut oil as an after shower lotion, makup remover/night time face cream, hair mask, oil pulling, scrubs, cooking. Seriously go through a jar a week!


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