Favorite 4 Facial Moisturizers

Hello friends!

Something that my mom/doctors/every person at any makeup counter have told me is that I need to use a moisturizer. Every day. Because I never had dry skin, and I was so *~young & awesome~* I never listened to that, because it just seemed so extra. Now that I’m on the verge of 25, I’m regretting those decisions and realizing that my mom is always right (seriously, always..it’s creepy). When I was younger, my skin was on the combination/oily side. Now it resembles the feeling and texture of the Sahara desert. At first, I was totally at a loss because I’d never used moisturizers consistently, and always hated the feel of them. Today, I’m going to share my favorite facial moisturizers, and why I love them.

favorite moisturizers

**Disclaimer: all of these are higher-end products because I find them to be better quality, and made with better ingredients. 

bare minerals true oasis.jpg

bareMinerals True Oasis Oil-Free Replenishing Gel Cream, $32.00

This is definitely the weirdest moisturizer I’ve ever bought. The consistency isn’t a gel or a cream, but somewhere in the middle. Though it is really weird, it’s so great. I use this every day as my go-to moisturizer. This isn’t very heavy and soaks into the skin nicely. I really like that I can’t feel it after putting it on, because I hate that slick feeling. Makeup layers just fine on top of it. It’s oil-free, which means it isn’t going to clog my pores. It’s actually made for oily-combination skin types. Even though I’m more dry, I like it because I live in Florida and basically take a shower upon working out of the door, due to the humidity.

renewed hope in a jar.jpg

philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar, $16-75

I love the consistency of this product. It’s a whipped, lightweight formula that is super hydrating, but doesn’t feel heavy. I like to use this at night or on days when I feel more dry than usual. You can purchase this in different sizes, from .5oz-4oz depending on how much you think you’re going to need/want. I bought mine in a kit that came with a mini eye cream, which was cool. It doesn’t sit atop the skin, and really feels like it hydrates my skin. It advertises that it is infused with clinically proven skin renewal technology. I’m not sure what that means, but this product is great and I highly recommend it.

FAB Ultra Repair Cream.jpg

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $6.50-34.00

I picked this up when I returned from Norway, because my skin had apparently given up on creating it’s own moisture. It was super dry, cracking, tight and painful. It was so uncomfortable to put on makeup, which obviously I can’t have. I ran to Sephora and begged the girl to help me out. She suggested using this twice a day, and she was so right. Within 2 days my skin felt so much better, and really hydrated. I love this for those instances when you really feel like your skin is as dry as the Mohave and there’s no hope left. Keep calm and apply generously. I love that it comes in mini sizes (which I bought) all the way up to huge 8oz bottles. It is a bit heavy, but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s a real lifesaver.

Aveda intensive hydrating masque.jpg

Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque, $24.00

Ok, I know this isn’t technically a moisturizer, but sometimes I use it that way, so ya know…whatever. It is super hydrating! What I like most about it, is that unlike many masques that sit on top of the skin, this masque soaks into the skin, and can be left on..indefinitely really. Sometimes I sleep in this, and wake up with really  hydrated, smooth skin. The masque contains aloe & lavender to help soothe the skin and hydrate. It is intense, so if you’re oily I probably wouldn’t go for this one, but dry girls, you’ll love it. Pro tip: This works really well to soothe sunburns and minor burns, as long as the skin isn’t broken.


There you have it; go forth and be moisturized! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and as always, thank you for stopping by. What are your favorite moisturizers? Any I should check out? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks again & stay golden



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