7 Great Makeup Boys on Instagram

Hello friends!

Truth time: I am an Instagramaholic. I spend an almost embarrassingly large amount of time scrolling through my feed and devouring all the makeup looks I can. I follow tons of makeup accounts, probably more than any other niche. There are countless  accounts of female makeup artists on Instagram, and they are great. But some of my favorite accounts can be found under tags like #boyswhowearmakeup and #boysinmakeup. I think it is a wonderful new side of the cosmetic industry that is becoming more and more commonplace, which is so exciting. So without further ado, here are 7 of my insta-favorite makeup boys!


I obviously can’t write this post without featuring my absolute faaaave makeup boy, Manny Gutierrez, better known as MannyMUA733. He has accomplished so much, from his incredibly successful YouTube channel to collabs with Ofra Cosmetics & MakeupGeek. He not only is extremely talented, but hilarious as well.  Follow him on Snapchat for great makeup and daily laughs.


I mean…flawless. His highlight is always on fleek and I love that he isn’t afraid to play with color. He can do natural looks as well as fresh and bold. The variation of looks on his feed give me inspiration & lyfeeeee.


I actually know Miguel in real life, and yes, he is that perfect in person. Seriously, it’s not fair. He is amazing at coming up with new, original looks. Not to mention he is super sweet, and generally a great human being.


It is literally so unfair that this wonderful human is only 16. When I was sixteen, I’m pretty sure I wore foundation two shades too dark for me, and definitely couldn’t contour like a pro. But that’s neither here nor there. This guy is incredible. He comes up with the most amazing out of the box looks. Seriously, check this kid out, he’s sensational.


This Canadian hunk is seriously great. Though his feed only goes back as far as December 2015, it is full of great inspiration. I like that he rocks a lot of more natural looks, but still has some bold, fun ones sprinkled about. He seems like a sweetheart as well. He’s awesome, give him a follow, eh?


This Chicago-based MUA is  one of my new favorites. I like that there are looks done on other people, which I think is a mark of a truly great makeup artist. And can we talk about the controuring, please? Flawless.  Again, his feed doesn’t go super far back, but it’s chock-full of goodness.


Another friend of mine, Tony is relatively new the the makeup game. That being said, he’s really good. Can we just say brows on fleek. Seriously he’s the only person that’s done my brows and I don’t hate them immediately. His feed has so many great looks, but I also love that he has bits of his personal life on there too.He’s a great dude, give him a follow!

Seriously, these boys are killing the makeup game, pushing boundaries in the best way. They continually inspire me, and come up with amazingly great looks! I hope you check them out and give them a follow. As always, thanks for reading, & stay golden!



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