I’m in Love With the Coco(nut oil)

Hello friends! There are few products I own that can be classified as a cure-all, but coconut oil comes pretty darn close. From moisturizing your skin to fixing a squeaky door (yes I've tried this), it seems like there's nothing coconut oil can't do. Celebs and makeup artists swear by it, and I do too. While I'll … Continue reading I’m in Love With the Coco(nut oil)


Favorite 4 Facial Moisturizers

Hello friends! Something that my mom/doctors/every person at any makeup counter have told me is that I need to use a moisturizer. Every day. Because I never had dry skin, and I was so *~young & awesome~* I never listened to that, because it just seemed so extra. Now that I'm on the verge of 25, … Continue reading Favorite 4 Facial Moisturizers