The Sun & Sea in the French Riviera

I’ve been a lot of beautiful places in my life, but the Côte d’Azur, otherwise known as the French Riviera, has to be the most picturesque, gorgeous, beachy spots I’ve had the fortune to visit. The Côte d’Azur is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France & includes the sovereign state of Monaco. I was lucky enough to spend five days in the region, surrounded by ocean air, delicious food, and amazing friends. I visited Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo (Monaco) and it was divine.

Nice is nice.

Nice, France 2Nice, FranceI mean, c’mon, the perfection is still killing me. And this is all just casually walking around. How do these people actually live in such a stunning place?!  I was constantly floored by the absolutely stunning views that surrounded me. It’s like you can’t take enough pictures and even when you do, they don’t do it justice.

Open air market Nice, FranceNice Open Air Marketnice open air market2One of my favorite things about Nice was the daily open-air market. It was so easy to pop down to Cours Saleya Market in Old Town, pick up some breakfast, and maybe a trinket or two and carry on with the day. And you best believe I took advantage of the fresh crusty French bread every morning. Read more about the various daily markets here.

Nice, France ViewNice really has so much to offer. If you stop in make sure to hike up to a sweet vantage point to really take in the views, they’ll blow your mind. Check out the local restaurants, my favorite was Le Socrate. It’s a little Lebanese restaurant, and the waiters don’t speak much English, but they are very nice and their chicken schwarma is to die for. There’s also a museum of modern & contemporary art that had some pretty interesting pieces in it. Nice has so much to offer, so just explore as much as you can!

Cannes It Get Any Better?

plage de cannes 2Plage de CannesOk I have to admit I stole that pun from my travelmate Lara, who is a genius, super hilarious, and hates being in my photos.But seriously, Cannes is amazing. I thought I knew what bougie looked like until I visited Cannes.

Cannes Marina2plage de cannes 3cannes streetTo be honest, we didn’t do that much in Cannes, because it is ridiculously  expensive. Seriously. If you’re not made of money, my best advice to just take a day at the beach, walk the amazingly cute streets, and of course, window shop all the things you wish you could afford. It’s actually a great time.

Madness in Monte Carlo, Monaco

monte carlo portmonte carlo viewSeriously, what a crazy beautiful place. I mean, the sights are just incredible. If you ever want to see what wealth looks like, I’d suggest taking a trip here, because it lives and breathes in Monaco. Again, not a lot we could afford here, but the views were more than worth it.

oriental garden monte carloWhile we were there, there was a big car/boat exhibition, with literally the craziest, most lavish cars & water crafts you can think of, seriously mind-blowing. Directly adjacent to the show was the Japanese Garden. It is not only so pretty, it is so peaceful. I’d definitely recommend taking a stroll through here. It’s quite compact, and thankfully, free!


catedral de monte carloDon’t miss taking the short hike up to see the Catedral de San Nicolas. It’s pretty impressive. Also, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was married here, and is also buried here. Bonus, there’s an incredible view from up there.


There is so much I could say about the French Riviera. It’s beautiful, it’s romantic, it’s absolutely enchanting. From the food, to the people, everything is so lovely. Best tips I have for this region: 1) Don’t get caught up in seeing all the things, just take a walk and see where you end up. It’s all beautiful. 2)Learn a teeny bit of French!  It’s not necessary, but people are generally nicer when you at least put in an effort. 3) Eat all the food. Seriously, all of it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you have an opportunity to visit this gorgeous place someday! As always, thanks for reading! Let me know if you’ve ever been to the south of France, and what your thoughts are! Stay golden my loves xx




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