My Top 6 Favorite Blushers

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I hope you are having a lovely weekend, and are hopefully doing something fun! Today I wanted to take it back to what I know best, which is makeup of course! As the title suggests, today I’m sharing my top 6 favorite blushers. I have a mix of high end and high street products, so they’re something for everyone. I have a huge blush collection, but these six are the ones I reach for most. Without further ado, let’s get into this!

my top 6 favorite blushers 2.jpg


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Supreme

I think of all my blushers, this is the one I reach for most often. It is a gorgeous warm peachy-pink color, perfect for spring or summer. It looks so pretty over a tan for a nice, sun-kissed flush. It’s definitely a brighter, less subtle color, so if you’re not into that, just be aware. Unfortunately this was part of a holiday set that Tarte came out with over the holidays. It’s not available for individual sale at the moment, but the whole set it came with is wonderful, so it’s worth it. This blush is so long-lasting so it really holds up to it’s 12 hour claim. It’s pretty pigmented, and blends really easily. I’m obsessed with the Tarte blushers, and this one is just the perfect shade!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Supreme

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Supreme


Boots No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in Soft Damson

I love this blusher for when I just want a bit of life to my face, and not a full on flush. As its name suggests, it’s a very soft, subtle color. I’d describe the color as a really soft mauvey-pink, with a cooler tone (even though the photo makes it look more peachy for some reason). I actually bought this at Boots while I was in the UK, but it’s available in the US at Target or online. The packaging is great, I’ve dropped it a million times and it’s still holding strong. While this shade isn’t a bright or strong color, I’d still say that it’s fairly pigmented, and it’s pretty long lasting. This is perfect as an everyday, go-to matte blush.  It’s great for fairer skinned people as well, as it won’t look clownish. It’s also advertised as hypoallergenic as well, so if you have sensitive skin, this could be great for you. It’s about $7-$10 depending on where you purchase it, so it’s pretty good price point as well. I’m dying to try the other shades!

Boots No7 Blush in Soft Damson

my top six favorite blushers s damson (2)

ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

Anyone who knows me knows I love me some ELF Cosmetics. I just think that for a high street brand with such a low price point, the quality is so incredibly good. Their blushes are no exception. My favorite shade has got to be Tickled Pink, though I own almost every shade. Tickled Pink is probably my closest to a true baby pink in my blush collection, which makes it nice for almost everyone. It’s fairly neutral, not too warm, not too cool, so it’s very versatile. I absolutely love how pigmented this is, you really don’t need much to get that nice pretty flush. I love this for when I’ve got a tan, but it also works well when I’m a bit pale too. For a price point of $3.00 I’m continually impressed with the quality of this product. I have repurchased and definitely would again.

my top six favorite blushers elf


Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango

Subtle blush wearers beware: This is an EXTREMELY pigmented, bright blusher. I’m serious, a little goes a very, very long way. That being said, I love love love this blusher. It is almost hot pink in color, so I absolutely love this when I’m very tan, and it’d be perfect for darker skin tones. I actually received this in one of my ipsy Glambags, but it’s available online. This blusher is again, very highly pigmented, and very bright, so a light hand is necessary. It’s very long lasting, and gives such a nice flush. At $15.00 the price is somewhere between high end & high street, so it’s a good option for a good quality blusher without spending tons of cash. The packaging is really great as well, although it’s fairly large for a blusher. That being said, you get a lot of product, so it’ll last a very long time. I’m very interested in trying other shades from Hikari’s blush collection.

my top six favorite blushers tangomy top six favorite blushers tango 2


ELF Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky

I am an absolute sucker for a peachy cheek, let me tell you. I almost always gravitate towards peachy colors, especially when we’re talking about blusher. Naturally, when I saw this I had to grab it. I almost wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this in my blushers, because you could almost use it as a highlight as well, as it is quite shimmery. As it’s name suggests it is a very peachy pink color, literally perfect for summer. I love popping this on my cheeks for a bit of color and glow, and I usually don’t even need to use highlighter when I wear this. It’s shimmery without being glittery, and pigmented without making you look clownish. It lasts all day, and for such a low price point, it can’t be beat!!

my top six favorite blushers elf bakedmy top six favorite blushers elf baked 2


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Sincere

I almost wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this one, because I’ve already talked about my other favorite blusher by Tarte, but I just use this one so much I had to write about it. It’s the same formula as Supreme, and it actually came in the same holiday set. The major difference is that Supreme is more of a peachy color, while Sincere is more of a neutral pink shade, with a hint of mauve. Also, Supreme is totally matte, while this one gives a subtle glow. When you open up Sincere, it looks like it has flecks of gold glitter in it, but when you sweep it on the cheeks, it comes out as a soft shimmer, not chunky at all. It blends really easily, and is super long lasting.

my top six favorite blushers sinceremy top six favorite blushers sincere 2


So that’s my top 6 blushers, my absolute favorites! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or what your favorite blushers are! If they are any blushers you think I should try, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. As always, thank you for reading, and stay golden!




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