Revamp Revolution.

Hello  friends!

This blog has been a really long time coming. As some of you may know I started a blog about two years ago called HotGirlDisguise (you can still read the posts here). However, due to a combination of time conflicts, writer’s block and outside stress, I let my love for blogging fall by the wayside. Now that I’m done with hair school (and actually have more than one day off a week) I decided to start fresh and begin a new chapter.

I recently had a revelation about blogging and the type of blog I wanted to create. I originally started to blog, thinking it would be about beauty and hair and those would be the only features I would share. I thought I couldn’t really get personal about things or share just random moments in my life or my thoughts, because who really cares about that?

I realized that I’m both right and wrong. Seriously, who does care about my life, and who am I in a world of 6 billion or so?! But that’s exactly the point, I was trying to write this blog to appeal to others, trying to think of things that other people would want to read and find interesting, and lost the part where it is my blog. It occurred to me that I have to write this  for me. Create something I love, write about things that interest me.  Yes, it would be wonderful if other people love the same things and find them interesting, but if not, that’s okay too.

That being said, I decided to revamp my little space and start anew with a different page, a new platform and new content. Although this blog will probably weigh in heavily on hair & makeup (let’s be honest, that’s what I do most of the time), I want to talk about anything and everything. Food, travel, books, my thoughts, things I enjoy. I want to free up this space to be something that is a virtual representation of me. 

To everyone who has supported me through my ups and downs with this space I really appreciate it (special shout-out to my girl Emily who is my #1 fan/supporter of this). You are the real MVPs here.

I really hope you all enjoy the new direction this blog will be taking and come along with me through life. It’s gonna be a crazy ride 😉



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